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A spur gear is the most common type of gear and is constructed with straight teeth parallel to the gear’s shaft on a cylindrical gear body. Spur Gears use the parallel axes configuration in mated pairs to transmit power and motion.

Spur Gears are used for a wide range of speed ratios in many mechanical applications, such as pumps, power plant machinery, material handling equipment, watering systems and more. Multiple spur gears can be used in a gear train to provide higher gear reduction.

The tooth design of spur gears are simplistic which allows for an increased degree of precision and ease in manufacturability.
The advantages of spur gears include lack of axial load (the thrust force parallel to the gear shaft), handling of high-load and high-speed, and it is characterised by it’s high efficiency rates. Some disadvantages of this type of gear is that the teeth experience increased  mechanical stress, and high-speed applications produce noise.

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