Splines (Internal & External)

Bevel Gears and Spline Shafts

The most basic description of splines is that they are ridges or teeth, cut or inserted on a surface of a drive shaft that mesh with grooves on the surface of a mating piece. Splines are used to transfer torque from the drive shaft to the mating part while maintaining the angular correspondence between them.

As an example, a gear can be mounted on a shaft where the gear bore consist of female splines (internal or “cut into” the surface) that matches male splines (external or “inserted” on top of the surface) on the drive shaft.

An alternative to splines is a keyway and key, however, splines can carry greater torques and due to the design, experience less mechanical fatigue. There are several types of spline designs but the primary use of transferring torque whilst maintaining angular correspondence remains the same.
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