Industrial Gearbox Repairs

It is much more beneficial for a business, in terms of its productivity and its wallet, to repair or refurbish an industrial gearbox, here’s why:

Replicating 100% OEM Quality!

Strip & Clean

Assess & Quote

Inhouse Manufacturing

Spare Parts Replacement

Reassemble & Align Gears

Quality Assurance

Why repair an industrial gearbox?

When an industrial gearbox is damaged to an extent where it becomes unusable, replacing such a gearbox has negative impacts on the operations of a business, but more importantly, their wallet. 
Firstly, obtaining a brand new gearbox can take up to 26 weeks from purchase to installation, resulting in downtime in operations which in turn, results in loss of revenue.
Secondly, it is extremely expensive to purchase a new gearbox. One can argue that a new gearbox comes with a warranty, however, a repaired gearbox from Gears For Africa comes with a workmanship guarantee, but at a much affordable rate.

Why choose us to repair your industrial gearbox?

Our vast experience and know-how with all sorts of different gear systems enable us to provide a Turnkey Repair Solution to all types and brands of heavy duty and industrial gearboxes.

In other words, we have the highest level of competence to take any heavy-duty and industrial gearbox, and

  • strip it and assess the damage,
  • manufacture the required gears and associated spare parts in-house,
  • source replacement components, 
  • reassemble the Gearbox to OEM specifications, and
  • install the “Good as New” Gearbox.

Sometimes the damage is too extensive to replicate OEM specifications, but because we are Subject Matter Experts, we can modify such gearboxes to 100% suit the functional purpose of the gearbox.

Our Turnkey Solution happens in-house with almost zero outsourcing, resulting in a turnaround time of 1 to 2 weeks (depending on the extent of the damage). Moreover, all our gearbox repairs are subject to strict inspection & testing criteria. Detailed reports are generated from the results of these inspection & testing activities which get delivered with the repaired gearbox. These best-practice standards provide Quality, Guaranteed. 

In conclusion, by using Gears For Africa to repair your damaged gearbox, you can get a “brand new” gearbox much cheaper and much faster!

Gearbox before repair

Idustrial Gearbox before GFA Repair

Same gearbox after repair

Industrial Gearbox After GFA Repair

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