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A Bevel gear is a cone-shaped gear with teeth placed along the conical surface and are primarily used to transmit motion and power between intersecting shafts in applications which require changes to the axis of rotation. Typically, bevel gears are used for shaft configurations placed at 90-degree angles, however, different angles are also manageable.

Similar to the spur gear, the most commonly used of the bevel gear is the straight bevel gear because the tooth design is straight, which creates simplicity and ease of manufacturing. Further similarity to the spur gear, straight bevel teeth engage together all at once rather than gradually. Consequently, as with spur gears, this engagement of  gear teeth results in high impact, increasing the level of noise produced and amount of stress experienced by the gear teeth.

Spiral bevel gears (as shown in the image above) are similar to helical gears. Their teeth are angled and curved to create a more gradual tooth engagement and increased tooth contact. The purpose of this design is to reduce the vibration and noise produced, especially at high angular velocities. Similar to helical gears, spiral bevel gears are available with right-hand or left-hand angled teeth and offer better durability, smoother operation, and lower levels of noise during operation than straight bevel gears.

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